Q – Can you treat my baby’s or child’s problems?
A – No matter how well you describe your baby’s problems and history, we need to perform a physical assessment with our hands, as we are manual therapists. We have extensive experience in helping babies & children with a myriad of problems, but we need to see you in the clinic.

Q – How old does my baby need to be to see and osteopath?
A – It’s incredibly individual and depends on what problems your baby has.
If the birth has been very long, very fast, you have had a caesarean section, baby was in breech position or had limited space, as in the case of twins or “little mother big baby”, has had an assisted vaginal delivery with the use of vacuum extraction, forceps or other external force and seems affected by the delivery, it may be a good idea to come by for a baby check as soon as possible.
If your baby has breastfeeding problems or is crying excessively, it is also a good idea to check if tension is causing it.
If your baby is doing fine, but if you want to get a little check-up, it can easily wait until the baby is between 7-12 weeks.
Many parents also book a visit to give baby a good start in life.
If you find that your baby has a fixed movement pattern, favourite body position, flathead syndrome, is crying a lot, has colic, reflux, breastfeeding problems, tongue tie, does not meet the motoric milestones or behaves in a way that indicates your baby could have need of a check-up. We recommend booking as soon as possible regardless of age.

Q – What do I do if my child’s problem is not on the list of problems you treat?
A – You are always welcome to send us an email with your question on info@Qklinik.dk, however, we do not answer emails daily. Remember if you contact us by email, please note that the connection is not secure, so you should avoid writing sensitive personal information.

Q – What if my child is afraid of strangers or anxious during treatment?
A – We always try to meet the child where they are and respect their boundaries. We have a gentle, calm and playful approach to treatment of children, and we often surprise parents by being able to treat children who otherwise afraid of strangers. We can never predict the outcome, but we do our absolute best to ensure that everyone has a good experience when they are treated in Qklinik.

Q – What do I do if my baby needs to be breastfed or changed during treatment?
A – It is a situation we experience daily, we can easily treat during both diaper changes and breastfeeding, or use the time to email exercises, advice and guidance to you.

Q – What if my child has just eaten and regurgitates / has a reflux episode?
A – It’s just another day at Qklinik, both the therapists and their clothes can be washed.

Q – How should I prepare for the treatment of my baby?
A – Bring a sheet, a towel or duvet for baby/child to lie on during treatment, as well as some kind of entertainment, depending on the child’s age. If the child isn’t hungry and well-rested, that’s great, but we can treat in all conditions and do it daily.

Q – Can you guarantee that my baby or child will get better from the treatment?
A – If the cause of your baby or baby’s problems is tension and/or lack of mobility, most people experience an improvement. If the problem has another cause, we refer you to further investigation by the relevant professionals.

Q – How will my baby or child respond to the treatment?
A – After treatment, the child is often tired, thirsty, and perhaps overstimulated. It wears off during the day. Some children react more strongly to treatment and may be fussier over a few days. If this is the case, wait with exercises until the child is themself again and then start slowly, with only one set of exercises and slowly step up to the recommended amount. If in doubt, you can send an email to NAME OF THE OSTEOPATH@Qklinik.dk e.g. Didde@Qklinik.dk

Q – Can you treat my baby or child when they are sick?
A – To avoid infecting therapists and other clients, please stay at home in case of illness. No matter how wonderful the treatment is, the body always needs resources to balance again after treatment. If your child is ill, they will use all resources to get well again, and treatment will be less effective. We therefore do not recommend treating sick or unwell children.

Q – Can you treat my baby or child when they have just been vaccinated?
A – We recommend waiting one week after vaccine before treating the baby.

Q – How do I book an appointment?
A – You create a profile of the person that is to be treated and book an appointment in our online booking. You can always contact us by phone +45 88 88 82 58 if you do not able to book online or need help booking.

Q – How do I change or cancel an appointment?
A – You cancel your appointment online 24 hours before the agreed time and book a new one if you wish to change it. On weekdays you can also call 88 88 82 58. If there are any problems cancelling an appointment online on weekends, you can write an email directly to the therapist you have booked an appointment with, this must still be done no later than 24 hours before treatment. You can see your therapist direct mail under CONTACT, remember this only applies to cancellations during weekends concerning Monday appointments that cannot be done online. For all other cancellations or changes use the online option or call us.

Q – When can I cancel at the latest?
A – Cancellation must be made online or to the secretary on +45 88 88 82 58 no later than 24 hours before treatment, otherwise fees are usually charged for the full treatment. As a rule, cancellations cannot be received by email or text message. Weekend exceptions look above. We charge a fee in case of late or no cancellation, as we cannot allocate the time to another client.

Q – Can I be placed on a waiting list?
A – Once you have created a profile and booked an appointment, you can always call us on phone +45 88 88 82 58 and ask to be put on the waiting list. You will be contacted if an appointment occurs before your booked time.

Q – Which clinic should I attend?
A – You can always see which clinic you have booked at, as this is indicated after the therapist’s name. For example, if it says Hanna – Frederiksberg, it is our clinic in Frederiksberg. If it says Malene – Østerbro, then it is our clinic in Østerbro. In addition, we have clinics in Brøndby, Værløse and Sorø. You will find all addresses of our clinics under CONTACT

Q – What is the background of your therapists?
A – All our therapists are licensed health professionals, with a high degree of specialized training and supervision. You can always see the individual therapist’s CV under the tab ABOUT US.

Q – Do you go on home visits?
A – At this time only Didde offers home visits at extra cost. You can see the price under the tap PRICES. If you want to book a home visit, please contact Didde directly on a text message +45 61707007.

Q – Can you buy gift cards for treatments from you?
A – You can buy a physical gift card or a gift card by email, by contacting us by email: Info@Qklinik.dk