Personlige data
Født I København 02.02.1970

• Fysioterapeut fra Fysioterapeut Skolen København
• Osteopat DO M.R.O.DK fra The International Academy of Osteopathy
• Heilpraktiker
• (Tysk Naturmediciner uddannelse /Naturopat )fra Heilpraktikerskolen
• Diploma I Pædiatrisk Osteopati DPO
• Bach Practitioner trin 1& 2
• Posturologi og Auriculoterapi/medicin
• Cellestoffskifte og Miljøgift test UMP/EPP ved EU BioTek
• Medicinsk Akupunktur
• Orthomolekylær Medicin
• Meditations instruktør
• Hypnose og Hypnoterapi

Relevant erhvervserfaring
• Foredragsholder i Pædiatrisk Osteopati siden 2018
• Underviser i Pædiatrisk Osteopati siden 2017
• Babybehandling og genoptræning siden 1997
• Børnebehandling og genoptræning siden 1997
• Behandling og genoptræning af Gynækologiske/Obstetriske patienter side 1997
• Bassin hold for bækkenløsningspatienter siden 1999
• Babymassage siden 1994
• Kursus og foredragsholder siden 1994 i bl.a. graviditet og træning samt efterfødsel.
• Artikelskribent 1994
• Fysioterapeut ved forskellige klinikker, bl.a. Skodsborg og Købmagergade fysioterapi, med speciale i gravide, babyer & børn
• Opstartede Rygskolen på Nyelandsvej i samarbejde Kiropraktor Maria Nørskov-Erichsen
• Fysioterapeut for div. Aerobic konkurrence atleter, Miss fitness deltagere og håndboldklubber
• Egen klinik for fysioterapi og osteopati siden 2002
• Naturmedicinsk behandling siden 2002
• Auriculotreapi 2011
• Undervist I fitnessbrancen siden 1986 som: Personlig træner, Holdundervisnings instruktør, Fitness instruktør, Body Pump instruktør, Swiss ball instruktør fra Paul Check, Mat Pilates Instruktør, Master trainer i Body balance (nu BodyFlow) fra LM international
• Uddannet instruktører inden for Holdundervisning, Fitness, Personlig træning, Bodyflow, Swissball, Pilates, Rygtræning, graviditet & træning samt træningsteori i fitnessbrancen siden 1994,
• Konsulent for Instruktørskolen København siden 1999
• Meditations instruktør i Center for indre respons 2011

Kurser-& efteruddannelser:
• Kurser i Gynækologi og Obstetrik samt graviditets- og efterfødselstræning
• Craniosacral osteopati til børn og babyer ved Upledger Institute Scandinavia
• Osteopathy and Obstetric v/Stephen Sandler, Osteopath, DO, Ph
• Paediatrics level 1 ved Giles Cleghor
• KISS/KIDD 1 børnekursus ved NIBB med Dr.Med Robby Sacher
• KISS/KIDD 2 børnekursus ved NIBB med Dr.Med Robby Sache
• The Excessively Crying Baby ved NIBB med Maria Browning BSc,DC,MSs (Chiro. Paeds) Cert ME
• The Miserable Baby Part 1. Treating Feeding & Digestive Disorders in the Newborn & Baby. Ved Miranda Clayton Registered Osteopath (GOsC)at Mum & Baby, London School of Osteopathy
• Miserable Baby Part 2. Treating shock, trauma & birthinterventions in the newborn & baby.Ved Miranda Clayton Registered Osteopath (GOsC)at Mum & Baby, London School of Osteopathy
• The Miserable Baby Part 3. Clinical Applications, The Newborn Foot, Lacrimal Duct Obstruction, Congenital Muscular Tortecollis, Positional Plagiocephaly & Constipation.Ved Miranda Clayton Registered Osteopath (GOsC)at Mum & Baby, London School of Osteopathy
• Naturmedicinske behandlingsmetoder til børn og babyer
• Peadiatrics ved Barral Institute Mark Bloember
• Stillmore Peadiatrics ved Hanne De Ruyck DO – BSc
• Paediatric E.N.T. – Treating Ear, Nose & Throat Disorders in Children & Teenager making space in the face & clearing the ears. Ved Miranda Clayton Registered Osteopath (GOsC)at Mum & Baby, London School of Osteopathy
• Plagiochephaly, Torticollis and Cranio-Facial asymmetries. Ved Sylvie Lessard pht., D.O. Québec Canada
• NeuroSeminars 1-3. Childhood Developmental & Learning Disorders – A Functional Neurological Approach – Ved Darren Barnes-Heath, DC, BSc(Hons), CCEP, MCC (Neurology) & Nicole Oliver, DC, MChiro, BSc(Hons), DACNB
• NeuroSeminars part 2.  Childhood Developmental & Learning Disorders – A Functional Neurological Approach – Ved Darren Barnes-Heath, DC, BSc(Hons), CCEP, MCC (Neurology)
• ‘Let’s Breathe’ – Treating Respiratory Disorders in Infants & Children. Ved Miranda Clayton Registered Osteopath (GOsC)at Mum & Baby, London School of Osteopath
• Peadiatric ENT – Treating Ear, Nose & Throat Disorders in Children & Teenagers. Ved Miranda Clayton Registered Osteopath (GOsC)at Mum & Baby, London School of Osteopathy
• International Association of Infant Massage Instructor – Silvie Hètu
• Børns sundhed og sygdomme – Alma Heilpraktiker Heidi Hanse
• Morfology and embryology – Sander Kales DO
• Child development in General – René Zweedijk DO
• Development and Anatomy of the neurocranium – Frank Vermeule DO
• Dynamic Embryology Principles of Blechschmidt – René Zweedijk DO
• Pregnancy – Sabine Cartrysse DO
• Visceral problems in babies and children- Anja Caers DO
• Childbirth in practice. The birth process, the influence of the various positions on the child, influence of a traumatic birth on the child – Cindy de Nooijer DO
• The newborn. The treatment of the newborn, first cry, the umbilicus, the pelvis, the legs etc BLT. – Laurie Kolfoort DO
• The Central Nervous System Embryology, Anatomy and Physiology related to Peadiatric Osteopathy – René Zweedijk D
• Neuro-sensori-motor Development – Laurie Kolfoort DO
• Pediatric Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization I – Petra Valouchova, MPT, Ph
• Pediatric Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization 2 – Marcela Safarvoa, MPT, Ph
• Viscero cranium and ENT – Geert Achterkamp DO
• FIRST AID and CPR in children by Norwegian Physician
• Førstehjælp til børn og babyer København
• MANIPULATING THE MICROBIOME – Probiotics Explained- BioCare
• GOLD Learning Tongue-tie Symposium 2017 – Putting the Pieces Together by:
Dr. Martin Kaplan
Effath Yasmin
Dr. Rajeev Agarwal
Dr. Christina Smillie
Dr. Yvonne LeFor
• GOLD Learning Symposium – Tongue-tie Research and Implications by:
Dr. Bobby Ghaheri
Melissa Cole
Dr. Scott Siegel
Autumn Read Henning
• Nordisk Institut for Kiropraktik og Klinisk Biomekanik- Børns strukturelle udvikling med Kiropraktor Kari Skovmand
• Advanced Peadiatrics – Torsten Liem DO
• Sucking Dysfunction & the Role of Bodywork Lecture Pack
• The effects of stress on the mother-baby dyad – Elissa O’Brien, B.Sci (clin) M.Health.Sci (osteo) Member Osteopathy Australia
• The Vagus Nerve: Branchial Motor / Special Visceral Efferents: The Pharynx, Larynx, Soft Palate and one tiny tongue muscle – Michelle Emanuel, OTR/L, CIMI, CST, NBCR, RYT 20
• The Impact of Bodywork on Infant Breastfeeding – Dr. Alison Hazelbaker, PhD, IBCLC, FILCA, RCST
• The Integration of Feeding Skills: Oral Motor Patterns and Reflexes – Kristie Gatto, MA, CCC-SLP, COM
• Where Should We Dig? Not All Gold Is Buried Under the Tongue – Carol Gray, CST, LMT, RYT200
• Neuromusculoskeletal disorders in the breastfed baby: causes, assessment, & treatment – Dr. Valerie Lavigne, DC, chiropractor, MSc, I.B.C.L.C.
• Tongue-tie Lecture Pack
• The Faux Tie: When is a “Tongue-tie” NOT a Tongue-tie? – Dr. Alison Hazelbaker, PhD, IBCLC, FILCA, RCST
• The New IBC Tongue Tie Assessment Tool: From Validation to Practice – Edith Kernerman, IBCLC, NBCI
• New Thoughts on Infant Pre and Post-Frenotomy Care – Melissa Cole, IBCLC, RLC
• Helping Parents Navigate the Roller Coaster Ride of Tongue-Tie and Breastfeeding – Renee Beebe, M.Ed., RLC, IBCLC
• Diagnosis and Management of Tongue Tie and Lip Tie in Breastfeeding – Dr. Bobby Ghaheri, MD
• Ankyloglossia – Recognition of the many different forms & Impact on Breastfeeding and Lifelong Health – Dr. James Murphy, MD, FAAP, FABM, IBCLC
• GOLD Learning Online Tongue-tie Symposium 2018
• Breastfeeding Strategies for Tongue-tied Infants – Catherine Watson Genna, BS, IBCLC
• Tongue-ties Demystified – Anjana Srinivasan, MDCM, CCFP, IBCLC
• Utilizing Myofunctional Methods and Lactation Therapy Pre & Post Frenectomy for Optimal Suck Rehabilitation – Lisa Lahey, RN, IBCLC, COMS
• A Multidisciplinary Approach to Post Frenotomy Care: Examining Exercises, Therapy, and Support for the Breastfeeding Dyad Post Release – Cara J. Riek, DNP, RN, FNP-BC, IBCLC, DABLS & Stevanie Bahnerth, DC
• The Tongue is for Life: Oral Restrictions and their Impact on Breastfeeding and Throughout the Lifetime – Dr. Dan Hanson, BDS (Dentistry), MBIBH (Buteyko Institute)
• Paediatric Neurology – Kok Weng Lim DO
• The Paediatric respiratory system including ENT CPD Course. Lizzy Lomax BOst, MSc PaedOst. University College of Osteopathy
• Online course ved Miranda Clayton Registered Osteopath (GOsC):
• Understanding & Treating Suckling & Feeding Problems in Newborns & Babies
• Understanding & Treating Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease in Newborns & Babies
• Understanding & Treating the Effects of Birth Interventions on Newborns & Babies
• Understanding & Treating ‘Colic’ & Lower Gastro-Intestinal Difficulties in Newborns & Babies
• Understanding & Treating Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) in Infants
• Paediatric Examination from 0-6 months
• Tongue Tie Symposium 2018 – Mouth-based problems leading to dental issues, failure to thrive and/or feeding and eating difficulties
• Symposium 2019 – Causes and treatment of reflux and aerophagia
• SOS 4 TOT Dr. Lawrence Kotlow, DDS, PC, Pediatric dentist
• Paediatric sensory integration and GI dysfunction in autistic children. Peadiatric Osteopathic Integration – Sensory Integration – A possible Osteopathic Approach & GI dysphunction in Autistic Children  – Dr. Ioná Bramati PhD BSc (Hons) Ost Med, DO, ND
• The Primitive Reflexes – e course with Integrated Learning Strategies
• GOLD Learning Online Tongue-tie Symposium 2019
• Lactation Skills for Supporting Dyads with Oral Restrictions – Christine Staricka,  BS, IBCLC, RLC, CCE
• A Sensory Motor Approach to Neuromuscular Re-Education Post Frenotomy – Lori L. Overland,  M.S., CCC, C/NDT, CLC
• A Sensory Motor Approach to Neuromuscular Re-Education Post Frenotomy – Lori L. Overland, M.S., CCC, C/NDT, CLC
• Treating Tongue-Tie From Birth Through Adolescence: The Far Reaching Impact of a Tiny String – Richard Baxter, DMD, MS
• Baby Shark Do’s, Don’ts, Decisions, and Dilemmas. Creating a Supportive Lactation Care Plan for a Family with Tethered Oral Tissues. -Tamara Hawkins,  RN, FNP, IBCLC, LCCE, CHHC
• All Tied Up: Tongue Tie Beyond the Mouth – Brandi Benson,  DC, CACCP
• Rethinking Surgical Tools – Infant Frenotomy & Pain – Effath Yasmin,  MA, HDSE, CLEC(USA), IBCLC, BCST(ICSB-SWISS)
• The Compensatory Mechanics of Suck for Babies with Oral Tethering: How to Identify and Treat after Revision – Ellen Chetwynd,  PhD, MPH, BSN, IBCLC
• The Impact of Tongue-Tie on the Musculoskeletal and Nervous Systems – Sharon A. Vallone,  DC, FICCP
• Tongue Tie and Orofacial Myofunctional Development – Marjan Jones,  BDSc (Hons) UQ, BSc Melb
• iO Convention 2019
• Osteopathy: ready for the 21st Century? – Professor Dawn Carnes, Dr Carol Fawkes, Austin Plunkett
• Baby Check Bath: the impact of osteopathic care in a specialist NHS unit – Peter Cockhill, Rosalind Ward
• Clinical reasoning in complex pain – Devan Rajendran
• Getting to grips with CPD – Fiona Brown, Steve Bettles, GOsC

• The Miserable Baby Part 4, Infant Examination, Infant Dyschezia, Colic & Constipation. Ved Miranda Clayton Registered Osteopath (GOsC)at Mum & Baby, London School of Osteopathy

• Craniosacral osteopati 1, 2, 3 og SER 1ved Upledger Institute Scandinavia
• Cranial Nerves ved Jean-Pierre Barrel DO, MRO(F), PT
• VM 1, 2 & 4 ved Barrel Institute
• NM 1 ved Barrel Institute
• Fedtsyrekonference
• Functional medicin konference
• Vaccinations konference
• WEB update kurser i homotoxokologi, fordøjelse, astma, allergi, binyretrætned/udbrændhed, ME og stress
• Repetionskursus i ernæring og ortomolekylær medicin
• Modern Iridology v/John Andrew
• Repetitions kursus i homøopati, homotoxokologi og phytoyerapi
• Medicinsk akupunktur

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    Vi er nu 4 børnebehandlere & 4 behandlere, der arbejder med kvindeproblemer. Vi tilbyder følgende: osteopati, fysioterapi, træningsvejledning, naturmedicin & positiv psykologi. Læs mere >>
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