Osteopathy is a holistic, examination and treatment form, where you look for the cause of the problem, and treat it with manual techniques. Osteopathic practitioner is trained as a “body mechanic” who corrects the body’s mechanical dysfunctions that are the cause of your symptoms and pain.

In addition to the manual treatment, you will also receive advises on how to improve your diet and sleep, tailormade exercises and recommendation of which type and intensity of physical training would be ideal, if and when applicable.

Our treatment can therefore include a combination of manual techniques, focus exercises, as well as basic advice and recommendations related to diet and lifestyle. Your treatment will always be individually tailored, depending on the cause of your symptoms, and may involve a number of different techniques applied in different ways. These can include: high velocity-low amplitude-thrust, articulatory techniques, recoil techniques, soft tissue techniques, muscle energy techniques, general osteopathic treatment, strain-counterstrain, facilitated positional release, myofascial release, fascial unwinding, and cranial techniques.

Didde, Hanna, Mette, Mie, Marie-Louise, Malene, Louise, Safran and Balida are all educated physiotherapists and osteopaths (Balida is a 4th year osteopathy student), and have up to 25 years of experience!