Women’s Health

Why focus on Women’s Health?

Because women’s health and well-being have been overlooked for too many years! A good example of this is a comprehensive study of what results in happiness, healthy life and longevity: “The Harvard Study of Adult Development”. The researchers behind the study have been following 724 men since 1938. Yes exactly! The study, which is probably the longest-running happiness study ever conducted, includes ONLY men. The group of men included in the study were from various economic and social backgrounds, from Boston’s poorest neighborhoods to Harvard undergrads. One of the most important, partial conclusions of the study showed, that good quality relationships lead to a happy and healthy life. At least for men!

After been treating women for some 25 years, it is our experience that women are, too often, told that they have to adjust to living with the nuisances, problems and/or pain they are suffering from. This include pregnant women who suffer from pelvic girdle pain and/or lower back pain, women who have given birth who continue to be in pain, and women who experience gynecological problems.

“It is what to expect”, “it will eventually pass”, or “you just have to live with it”, are some of the messages they get from different healthcare practitioners. Well, our body is intelligent and has the ability to heal itself, which is why many symptoms do get better over time. But why not explore whether the symptoms and pain could disappear completely or partially – and even faster?

Hanna, Mette, Mie, Marie-Louise, Malene, Louise, Safran and Balida treat symptoms related to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

Marie-Louise, Mie, Mette and Safran treat gynecological issues, with internal and external techniques.

Hanna, Mette, Mie, Marie-Louise, Malene, Louise, Safran and Balida also treat problems as headache, neck and back pain, amongst other symptoms from the body, and can guide you in how to make simple lifestyle changes, and which exercises and/or physical training would be suitable for your condition.

We are all educated physiotherapists and osteopaths (Balida is a 4th year osteopathy student), and have up to 25 years of experience!

If you would like to add even more holistic approach and improve your mental well-being, Hanna has also a master degree in positive psychology.