Babies & Children

We always use gentle techniques and try to make the treatment fun and playful for the little ones.

Baby Check

Give your baby a fantastic start in life with preventive therapy. We offer your baby a thorough, safe examination and treatment for various imbalances that can cause problems in the long run. You are guided in exercises that strengthen the child’s motor skills and well-being.

Treatment of babies

The tight conditions in the uterus and the powerful forces the infant is exposed to at birth, both during normal and complicated births, can contribute to the occurrence of pain, tension, mobility restrictions and imbalances in the infant. The baby is thoroughly examined to uncover the cause of any imbalance and / or tension in the little body.

The purpose of the treatment is to release tension and restore normal movement in the body, so that the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system (via the craniosacral system) and the organ system are in balance to give the child the best conditions for a problem-free development in life.

The treatment consists of gentle adapted techniques from Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, home exercises, general advice, and advice on natural medicine.

Typical symptoms of imbalances are:

  • Colic;
  • Excessively crying children;
  • Proffered position in the neck or body;
  • Torticollis /KISS;
  • Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) , asymmetry in head shape and / or face;
  • Reflux, GER/GERD and salivation problems;
  • Sleep problems;
  • Late motor development;
  • Digestive problems;
  • Breastfeeding problems;
  • Babies not thriving;
  • Evaluation of tongue-, lip- & buccal tie;
  • Bodywork pre- & post operation in relation to oral ties.
Treatment of Children

In older children, problems are often a product of a lack of treatment of imbalances in the baby, but can also come from trauma, as well as physical consequences of our increasingly inactive lifestyle. Symptoms of older children are:

  • Pain in the musculoskeletal system;
  • KIDD;
  • Headache and “Ipad neck”;
  • Digestive problems;
  • Weakened immune system;
  • Motor problems (both fine and gross motor skills);
  • Balance problems;
  • Restlessness, hyperactivity and difficulty concentrating;
  • Language problems;
  • Difficulty sleeping;
  • Particularly sensitive children;
  • Otitis Media;
  • Evaluation of tongue-, lip- & buccal tie;
  • Bodywork pre- & post operation in relation to oral ties.

At Q KLINIK, Didde, Mette, Mie, Marie-Louise, Malene, Louise, Safran & Balida are responsible for the treatment of babies & children.